About Us

1970 saw the happenings of many things including the voting age being lowered from age 21 to age 18, gas prices rising to 36 cents per gallon, and the Beatles breaking up. 1970 was also the year that the Parrot Lounge opened its doors in a small beach town in South Florida called Fort Lauderdale.

Many things have changed in the 42 years since the Parrot first opened, including Bill Boyd (who originally opened the Parrot) giving way to Tim Schiavone who has owned and operated the business since the late 70’s until the present day.

Looking back over the years at the changes the city and the Parrot have gone through, it is a testament to the fortitude and commitment that has kept the Parrot and the city moving forward in a positive manner.

Today the Parrot is known for various things, including a strong Philadelphia connection, sports atmosphere, great service, large selection of craft beers, and outstanding food.

One of the strongest assets of the Parrot has been its staff over the years. Many of its past and current employees have spent many years building strong relationships with the customers over the years.

The story of the Parrot is too extensive to write it all down, so we hope you will check out the Gallery and take a trip down memory lane. We also invite you to stop in for a cold beverage, grab something to eat, and perhaps you will get a history lesson on a local Fort Lauderdale legend.

The Parrot Staff